The true meaning of native ads and how it would benefit marketers

The true meaning of native ads and how it would benefit marketers

Consumers are getting smarter day by day. Technology development made it possible to Hyper-target users in the right timing but soon they realize it is advertising and get irritated by it. Increase in numbers of Ad blocking download says it all.

Consumers nowadays get easily irritated by sponsored contents that are often on their personal SNS newsfeed then ‘Unfollow’ or even leave their SNS. Recent report about this type of post fell 21 percent during that same timeframe supports it is real and happening now. And one of the main reason is that SNS platform becoming more commercialized than personal space.

However, marketers can’t stop doing these commercials since it is a part of their job. That is why we need to focus on native ads which can sneak in between readable contents in the form of video, game, article which does not stand out like a traditional ad. But to remember, forcing customers to just see these ads should not be a purpose of advertising.

Native ads should be a story that has a start to an end, a story that attracts consumer’s interest in a friendly way and engage with consumers about the story. With this story, you will be able to get brand awareness and brand perception naturally in a long term and will even lead to an actual purchase of that ‘story’. Brands shall get out of their old stereo type of advertising that push consumers instead move forward to understand consumers better and build a story that will touch consumers.

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